Personalized Controller For Faster Editing

Precision at your fingertips.
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Palette Control

Quickly make your adjustments, without ever reaching for your mouse. Assign buttons, dials, and sliders directly to your favourite functions, letting you edit the way you want while keeping your eyes focused on your art.

End Cursor Cramps

There's so much time wasted dragging your cursor around to find the perfect adjustment. Your eyes keep darting back and forth between the UI and your work, making it tedious to find that sweet spot.

Made for Creatives

Quickly sort & develop photos, edit & color correct video, create the perfect audio tracks – all with intuitive physical control.

Personalize Your Controller


The brain behind Palette. Connect it via USB and snap on other modules in any layout.


Assign your most frequently used functions to this satisfying arcade style button.


Infinitely rotatable and clickable dial for precise control. Toggle between fine and coarse editing.


Map your software sliders and parameters directly to your fingertips. Quickly adjust values with this physical slider.

Maximize Functionality

Assign multiple functions to any module. Switch between functions instantly, without ever leaving your workflow.

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Starter Kit

Get up and running with the starter kit and add modules as you need them
1 Core 1 Dial
2 Buttons 1 Slider

Expert Kit

A versatile kit for most users. Switch between functions instantly to have the benefit of even more modules.
1 Core 3 Dials
2 Buttons 2 Sliders

Professional Kit

You are a power user. Take advantage of multiple inputs to speed up your workflow and feel direct tactile control over your work
1 Core 6 Dials
4 Buttons 4 Sliders

Limited Edition Wood Kit

Hand-sanded cherry wood casings with light gold banding. Limited quantity and assembled in Canada.
1 Core 6 Dials
4 Buttons 4 Sliders

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For educational institution and corporate sales, contact: [email protected].

All prices listed are in USD. Individual add-on modules are also available.

Palette is also available at

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App integration isn't enough? Try these.


Assign keyboard shortcuts to your buttons and dials for easy access.
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Make it your very own custom musical instrument. Assign notes for buttons or CC messages for dials and sliders or work with your favorite MIDI software.
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Configure your own gamepad with Palette. Map joystick axes to any of the modules.
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